let’s put a face to the business
shall we?
i’m jay

born & raised in east london
i moved to essex when i left
school & have continuously
trained in various aspects of
the beauty industry since 2008
beauty has always been a freelance
for friends & family thing
apart from a few facebook posts
years ago that garnered no interest
so i gave up, what a lil quitter!
until recently…
i was looking for a new part time job
that could work around my full time
hours as a planner on the railway
yeah, ya gal’s smart too
and i just thought, well i have all
these qualifications i’m not doing
anything with, what will ever
make any more sense than this?!
i FINALLY realised
now is the time
even with the world falling apart
around us, it just feels right, yanno?
over the years, i’ve carefully
selected which treatments
to hone my skills within
so i can ensure i’m giving you
the best of my abilities at all times
i also put a lot of time & effort
into researching brands that
are beneficial to both myself & you
while i’m fully qualified & insured
i don’t think you can ever
learn too much
knowledge is power and all that
so i’m planning on taking refreshers
as well as building my treatment
list further, so watch out for that
i’m so excited to grow my business
and watch it bloom
as well as building new working
& personal relationships with you all
can’t wait to see you!